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Hello, My name is Shine Barbhuiya. I write about things that matter on the internet. Growing up with a different mindset was a very tough task for me. I used to spend my time reading and exploring new things. I’ve been a magician, chess player, coder, and enjoyed the journey as hell.

The year was 2015, when I first heard Martin Garrix rocking the crowd. After watching his full set I frekin decided to start producing EDM music myself. I started learning about EDM more and more for hours, it was really tough for me because I was having zero knowledge about music and I am not from a family with music background.

I kept feeding as much YouTube videos as I can to learn more and more. The fire inside me was right on the spot. After 6 months of learning my computer got broken and I was ubable to producer any more. But the things I learned was heck a big of a deal. I made many shitty sounding loops in the process.

Then I purchased my first laptop after 2 years and started learning and making music under different names. I was getting more deeper and deeper into the world of EDM. On the journey, I found some great artists like flume, Illenium, porter robinson, madeon and . . . the list goes on and on. I can write the list for hours( yep! There are these many underrated gems).

Inspired by flume and Illenium I made an EP called ‘Who’s King’. The EP have 4 tracks in it and are available on Spotify, iTunes, and many other major music streaming platforms. Yes, I produce EDM under the alias ‘Forbidden Lion’.

So, why am I saying you all about my musical side while this blog is for travelers? Because real happiness is missing from my life and all I want from life now is happiness. The definition of happiness can change from person to person but for me, it comes when I travel.

Yeah! I am starting to go deep inside traveling now and want to share the whole journey as I learn the process. So, I will be writing about things that matter in this blog from now on.

Let’s get started! I will keep updating this page from time to time.

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