Best Headphones For Music Production 2021

So, you’ve been searching for the best headphones for music production recently?

The number of headphones in the market right now is countless, and choosing the best headphones can be challenging.  

You can research for hours on this and still stay confused. 

Well, you have stepped into the right place. In this post, I will show you the best headphones for music production that you can buy in 2020.

If you are in a hurry then you can check out the best headphones for music production here:

OUR BUDGET PICK Sennheiser HD 600 Freauency Range: 12Hz – 41kHz
Weight: 260g
Connectivity : Wired, Detachable
OUR BUDGET PICK Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Freauency Range: 5Hz-35kHz
Weight: 290g
Connectivity : Wired
OUR TOP PICK Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Freauency Range: 5Hz-40kHz
Wired, Detachable
OUR BUDGET PICK Audio-Technica ATH-M50xGM Freauency Range: 15Hz-28kHz
Wired, Detachable
OUR TOP PICK AKG Pro Audio K812 PRO Freauency Range: 5Hz-54kHz
Weight: 510g
Wired, Detachable

Why Not Use Regular Headphones?

If you are new to the world of music production, then you are free to use regular headphones until you decide to level your production game. 

But I would strongly recommend you to buy yourself the best headphone for music production.

While your regular headphones can be excellent to listen to music on, they don’t have studio headphones’ characteristics.

What’s unique in a headphone for music production? The flat response. Yes, they don’t have any extra bass or anything modded. It is essential when producing music. You want the mix to be as accurate as possible. 

It doesn’t matter how well your earphones are built; they will lack bass. Those small buds are not capable enough to produce stronger low-frequency sound. It will also lack the punchiness and essential element of a mix.

When you mix a track, you have to work on the exact raw sound. You don’t want the sound to be harsh on other music systems. 

On the other hand, the expensive headphones you purchased for the gym are not going to help. They can be the best headphones for listening to music, but they are just not made for producing music. 

A good studio headphone will help you accurately know each and every frequency with complete precision. It helps to know what the mix lacks and what needs to be added. 

Suppose you try to mix a track on one of these headphones. Then the result will sound very different in different music systems. 

You can make the mix sound good on the regular headphones, and it will sound good, but it will either feel too weak or too strong on other speakers, headphones, and earphones.

The amount of bass on these headphones is very high, and you don’t want to mix a song on a pair of those. 

Here’s why you don’t want to use regular headphones for music production

  • The sound output is not accurate.
  • You can’t mix a track.
  • Imbalanced EQ.
  • Modified frequencies in regular headphones.  

So, it becomes a necessity to use one good pair of studio headphones.

What are studio headphones?

Studio headphones are designed especially for producing music. The sounds coming out of it are raw and flat. 

What do I mean by raw and flat? The headphone that you use to listen to music gives a modified sound output. The level of bass is high, and the mid’s are increased to enrich the listening experience.

While it can provide a perfect listening experience, it doesn’t suit the purpose of producing music. 

The best headphones for music production are those who have a completely flat frequency response. The bass is not boosted, and all the other frequencies are pure flat. 

You need a flat response to work on each and every sound of your track as precisely as possible. Also, you can target a frequency range and work on it like a boss. 

So, studio headphones are used for professional recording, mixing, and mastering a track. It helps you to design and manipulate the raw sound according to your will. You can work on the perfect EQ.

Studio headphones are also very comfortable to wear, and you can work for hours on them without tiring your ears. However, I would recommend you to take breaks between your production sessions. 

One of the other things they are good at is sound isolation. It helps you to work on your mix without that unwanted noise coming from your neighbor. 

The build quality of good studio monitors is excellent, and they are durable enough to last you a couple of years. You don’t have to worry about spending a penny on another studio headphone anytime soon. 

Studio monitor headphones are suitable for:

  • Recording.
  • Mixing and Mastering.

Studio monitors have:

  • Flat frequency response. 
  • Good build quality.
  • Noise isolation.
  • Comfortable to wear.

So,  if you are serious about music production, then consider buying yourself a pair of studio monitor headphones from the list below. They are the best headphones for music production in the market in 2020.

Types Of Studio Monitors

This phase of your research for the best headphones can be very confusing and tiring. Worry not! I am going to explain to you about the main types of headphones for music production.

There are two main types of studio headphones – Closed-back and Open-back headphones.

Closed-Back Headphones

Closed-Back Headphone

All the headphones in the market have ear cups to cover your ears while listening to sounds. The sound travels from those ear cups to your ears. 

Closed-back headphones have the ear cups completely sealed off, blocking your ears completely. The sounds coming out of these cups get nowhere to go and stay blocked, not allowing the sound to leak. 

The sound mustn’t leak while recording vocals.  If the sound gets leaked and reaches the microphone, then it will mess up the whole track.  

Closed-back headphones are also excellent sound isolation headphones. If you work in a busy environment or your neighbor is breaking his house with a hammer, it will not bother you. 

Closed-back headphones are the most popular choice of headphones for music production since they provide sound isolation and don’t allow the sound to leak.

Open-back Headphones

Open-back Headphone

Open-back headphones are the headphones that have their ear cups directing outwards. These headphones don’t completely block your ears and allow some sounds to leak. 

They are not made for you if you live in a busy and noisy environment. Due to its design and characteristics, the sound can easily flow inside and outside of your ear. 

These headphones can sound very natural and good if you use them in a silent space. If you can convince your neighbor not to break their house with a hammer, then you can consider buying them. 

These headphones give very accurate results while mixing and mastering. If you got a quiet place to work on, then these headphones will be the perfect choice to produce your music on. 

There is one more type of headphone for music production – Semi-open headphones.

Semi-open Headphones

Semi-open Headphone

These headphones have the characteristics of both, but it’s more of an Open-back headphone. The sound gets leaked, and it provides a little isolation. 

These are not ideal choices for mixing or mastering. You can buy a pair of these for casual listening, but I would not recommend purchasing them to produce music.For the types of headphones, you can refer to this post.

How To Choose The Best Headphones For Music Production?

There are certain things to keep in mind while purchasing your headphones. It can be a challenging task to search for all the best headphones out there. 

We made it easy on your part by doing the research and listing only the best headphones out in the market in 2020. 

The things  you should be looking up while making your purchase are:


It doesn’t matter which product you are purchasing; its durability should be very long-lasting. You are buying with your hard-earned money, so don’t let it get wasted by making a wrong purchase.

The headphone should be durable enough to last you at least five years. It makes no sense in buying a headphone that stops working after a few months. 

Waterproof headphones are likely to be more durable than non-waterproof ones. If the headphone is waterproof, then it’s a significant plus for you. 


The build quality of the headphone should be good enough for you to use in any environment possible. Durability and quality come hand in hand.

The frequency response should be flat. Few headphones claim to give a flat response, but they are bass boosted, or the mids are boosted. 

The material used should be good. The leather starts to peel off headphones after months of use in some headphones. So, choose headphones that are made with the best quality of materials available. 

Your headphones are going to be your best friend for years, trust me! So, make a smart purchase. 

Noise Isolation

Noise isolation is a must if you live in a busy and noisy area. If you want every element of your track to sound perfect, you need to monitor the individual frequency closely. 

Outside noise can be a huge deal while mixing and mastering a track. The noise can easily distract and make you procrastinate.  

Studio headphones with noise isolation can also let you work for a longer period of time without bleeding your ears.


If you are someone like me who produces music till 3 A.M, then the headphone’s comfort level is the most important factor of them all. 

If they feel uncomfortable after putting them on for 1 hour, then there is no point in using them in the first place. Studio sessions are usually very long and tiring; you need to make sure they are comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. 

Don’t worry about the comfort level on the headphones I am going to mention below. They are the best in the industry and will ensure that you get to work without tiring your ears. 


Headphones with good design make the creative process much easier for me. Although it is not that important, I prefer to buy a headphone with good design. 

The aesthetic look of the headphone should pleasure both yours and your collab artist’s eyes. 

If you are going to invest in it, then there’s no downside to choosing a good design headphone.

Top Picks For Best Headphones For Music Production

1. Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Professional Headphone

Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Professional Headphone surely deserves the number 1 position on the list because of its overall popularity and the quality of sound it produces. 

Sennheiser HD 600 is an open-back headphone and provides the best sound possible.  The mixing and mastering experience in this headphone is flawless.

The audio quality is very punchy, accurate, and crystal clear. Every sound will be transparent and natural sounding. 

The quality of its metallic grill is very high, which provides a very neutral and transparent sound. It always you to monitor all the sounds very accurately and precisely.  

The aluminum coils are extremely lightweight, which gives the best of the transient response. The sound doesn’t lose its natural characteristics. 

It also got a computer-optimized magnet system that minimizes the harmonic and intermodulation distortion allowing you to mix without interruption. 

Neodymium ferrous magnets enrich the sensitivity and provide the best dynamic response possible. 

The dynamic range of Sennheiser HD 600 headphones is excellent. It helps you to work with a lot more space. Dynamic range is one of the crucial things to look for in a studio monitor headphone. 

You can easily detach the OFC copper cable. The length of the cable is 3m, which is enough to serve your purpose. 

This headphone can also be an excellent choice for casual listening. 


  • The frequency range is 12Hz – 41kHz, which will help you monitor and target every possible frequency.
  • The 260g weight makes it very lightweight and easy for you to carry
  • One of the most natural and transparent sounding studio monitor headphone. 
  • Looks very aesthetic with the design and the color. 
  • It has the best aluminum coil for clear transient response.


Are they better than the expensive headphones?

They are one of the best headphones for music production in the market right now. For its price range, it is the best. While they will not give the same result as other consumer headphones, they will give the best result for music production. Studio headphones are meant to be flat, which it is.

How is the sound isolation of it?

The sound isolation is not very good, but it is not bad either. You will have zero issues using them in your room. The sound will leak a little; this shouldn’t be a major issue considering the excellent side of this headphone.

Can you use you for a longer period?

Yes, they are very comfortable to wear for a longer period without tiring your ears. I use them for long production sessions,  and they never failed to amaze me.

What is the size of the driver?

The size of the driver is 40mm. There is no doubt about its performance because of it. 
40mm drivers are very good at providing the best possible sound output.

2. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm Over-Ear Studio Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is a headphone from the famous brand Beyerdynamic. It is also one of the popular headphone choices for music production. 

This headphone needs no introduction in the world of music production as it is used by pros all around the globe. 

The build quality of this headphone is outstanding, and the sound is very transparent. You can hear every single sound with a great depth of detail and precision. 

This headphone can show magic in your recording sessions. With no leakage of audio and high-quality sound, it will make the process easier. You can record the vocals without any unwanted sound coming from the headphone.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is very durable and is made from good quality materials in Germany. It can last you a guaranteed of five years at the minimum. So, you can rest for five years without any worries.

The spring headband of this headphone makes it very comfortable to wear, and you can work with it till midnight. I would still recommend you take breaks between your recording sessions. 

The level of detail it provides is excellent and crystal clear. You can target and mix the individual sound with great precision. The sound is very transparent and detailed, giving you a very high-quality sound to work with. 

The headphone also provides excellent sound isolation. If your studio is noisy, it will help you a lot while listening to the sound elements with great details. 

Weighing only 290g, it makes it very easy and portable to carry. You can keep it in your backpack all the time. 

The design is excellent, and it is available in two colors – gray and black. It will look good on every head in the world.


The spring steel headband makes it comfortable for us.

Sound isolation is on the next level with this one.

The 3m single-sided coiled cable is enough to minimalize things.

5Hz-35kHz frequency response is more than enough to monitor your mix.


How good is the sound leakage?

The sound leakage is excellent and will not leak even if you bleed your ears with the boosted volume. It will help your vocal recording to be more transparent without the unwanted noise from the headphone.

I wear glasses, will they be comfortable?

Yes, they will be very comfortable to wear with your glasses on. I had mine wired for 6 hours straight without any issue.

Are they suitable for casual listening?

While the response in this is flat, it can still bring joy to your ears. If you want, you can use any good sound equalizer to modify the sound according to your need.

Can I use them on my phone?

Yes, you can use them entirely with your android or ios phone. The sound output will be as good as any other device.

3. Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Professional Open-Back Reference Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-R70x is an excellent headphone with the most superior audio quality ever. It is an industry-standard headphone with the best of the features available on a headphone.

The pure alloy magnetic circuit design provides exceptionally accurate sound. The magnets used are very high in quality, and it helps minimizes the distortion. 

The transient response is very detailed and excellent. The use of carbon composite resin will provide the most natural and clear sound possible. 

The open-back aluminum grill provides a sound that is acoustically very pleasant to hear. Allowing the air to pass through and from the grill will give a more balanced and natural sound. 

This headphone is also very comfortable to wear. With the soft ear cups covering your ears, you will feel more comfortable working for longer hours. You can easily keep them wearing for 6-7 hours without feeling any pressure in the ear.  

The impressive frequency range of 5Hz-40kHz will give you the flexibility to target and work on every frequency with great precision. 

The 3m wire is detachable and lockable. You will also get a carrying pouch to keep your wire in an organized way. You will never get a messed up wire again. 

The 45mm dynamic driver with 95bB sensitivity is very powerful. It is the choice of the big players in the music industry. 

The materials used in the headphone is extremely good and worth the money. The warranty period is a whopping three full years that comes with manufacturing defects. This will ensure you don’t spend money on another pair of headphones anytime soon. 

You can also use them as casual headphones for listening to music. Try to use an external EQ app to enrich the listening experience. 


The headphone sound very flat and natural with its pure alloy magnetic circuit design.

The 45mm dynamic drivers are very powerful.

Excellent design and metallic body build to make it more durable.

The 5Hz-40kHz frequency range gives you a great depth of dynamic range to work with.

The 3m detachable wire can help with keeping it minimal.


Is Audio-Technica ATH-R70x compatible with my phone?

Yes, you can use the 3.4mm jack swith your android or ios device without any issue. The sound output quality will be high as usual.

Will they fit my head?

Yes, they will perfectly fit any head without any issue. The metal expands, and the ear cups will fit your ears without hurting them. 
You can also use them for a longer studio session because of the comfort it provides.

Will it leak the audio?

It is an open-back headphone, so it will leak the audio a little. If that’s an issue for you, then you can go for Audio-Technica ATH-M50xGM.

Is the headphone bass boosted?

No, not at all. It is a professional headphone for music production, so the sound response in it is flat. 
Still, they are very good at listening to casual music. You just have to use any external equalizer.

4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xGM Professional Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xGM is the choice of many top professionals like Avicii and Martin Garrix. So, there should be no doubt about the service it provides. 

The quality of sound this headphone provides is excellent, with a deep frequency range to work with. The bass response is also very accurate, with exceptional clarity. 

15Hz-28kHz frequency response with a transparent sound will help you target every frequency with great precision. It is enough for us to work on a professional mix. 

The sound isolation is extremely good and with the ear cups completely covering your ears. You can even work with them on a busy street. 

The comfort it provides is on the next level.  You can use it for comfortable 6-8 hours without hurting your ears. I have previously used them while working on my EP, and they were best at what they do. 

The earcups can be easily foldable, and they can rotate 90° in both directions.  It can be handy when you mix with your single ear. You can also save a lot of space by folding it and keeping it in your backpack. 

The 45mm driver is the industry standard; it will ensure you get the best performance out of the headphone. 

The 3m coil cable will provide a seamless performance without any interruptions. It is also detachable, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it plugged all the time.


The 90° rotatable earcups make it very flexible and portable to carry and use. 

The frequency response of 15Hz to 28kHz allows you to work with all the frequency ranges in a mix.

The powerful sound isolation provides you the flexibility to use them in a busy environment.

The ear cups cover your ears completely will stop any noise from leaking. No leakage will give a clear vocal while recording.


Are they good for gaming?

Yes, you can use them for gaming, and it will provide the exact sound with crystal clarity. You can easily hear those footsteps in CSGO or Valorant.

How durable are these?

The durability of these is outstanding and will last you for a couple of years. I would suggest you keep them clean and clear.
If it gets dirty often, then the leather around the ear cups will start to peel off slowly

Will they feel tight while wearing them?

Yes, for the first couple of days, they will feel a bit tight, nothing too serious tho. The headband is made of a metal band, which will expand to the size of your head with time.

How is the built quality?

There is no doubt about the quality of them as they are manufactured by Audio-Technica in Japan. 
Honestly, they feel more premium than beats headphones. You will have zero complaints about this department.

5. AKG Pro Audio K812 PRO Superior Reference Headphones

The AKG Pro Audio K812 PRO is the best studio headphone in the market right now. It is a masterpiece in itself with the purest and natural-sounding quality. 

The headphone has a 53mm transducer, which is quite large in comparison to other studio headphones. The large transducer ensures the best dynamic range and sonic sound performance—one of the extraordinary features of this headphone.

The headphone features a 1.5 Tesla magnet system and ultra-lightweight two-layer voice coil, which provides the most natural and accurate sound. You can hear almost every element of the track with 100% accuracy.

The headphone is super comfortable to wear for long studio sessions. You can easily keep them on as long as you want. The ear cups are super soft and don’t put any pressure on the ears.  You will feel like not wearing the headphone. 

With an extreme 5Hz-54kHz frequency range, the headphone can target and detect any imbalance in your mix with 100% accuracy. You can find take down that unwanted frequency very quickly. 

The headphone weighs 390g and comes with a 3m detachable cable. Detachable cable helps you keep the headphone safe and minimalize the efforts it takes to untie the unwanted knots.  

When it comes to its look, no other headphone can break its aesthetic look. It looks and feels very special and premium. The unique design can level up your music studio, aesthetically.

The only downside about this studio headphone is its price. If you can afford this headphone, then they will provide better results than any other headphone on the list. 


The large 53mm transducers provide the most natural and transparent sound.

The 1.5 Tesla magnet system gives the most accurate imaging and sound. The sound will be crystal clear without losing its characteristics. 

3m detachable cable makes it minimalistic and unwanted knot-free. Very helpful to pack it while traveling.

The 5Hz-54kHz frequency range is just impressive. You can find and modify the unwanted frequency very quickly.

Soft ear cups give the best comfort possible. You can use them for hours without tiring your ears. 

The durability of the headphone is outstanding. You can never break it unintentionally as it is very strong. The materials used are of top quality.

They are also not foldable, but it is not a major issue.


Are they wireless?

No, they are not wireless, but no one uses a wireless headphone in their studio. Wired headphone gives the fast response that is needed while mixing live. 
While wireless headphones can be very good consumer headphones, they can never be good studio monitor headphones.

Are they suitable for gaming?

They are perfect for gaming; you can easily find the source sound and from where it is coming. The positional accuracy is very good.

How comfortable are they for longer use?

You can use them for easy, 6-10 hours without any discomfort. The ear cups will feel soft, and the weight will feel very natural.

Does it come with a case?

No, it doesn’t come with a case, but you can easily store them in your backpack. Also, you can buy a custom case for it.

Should I purchase this headphone or the others mentioned in the list?

I would strongly argue you to go for this headphone if you have the budget. Because it is the most professional and best headphone for music production that I’ve seen in my life.


So, I have mentioned the 5 best headphones for music production in 2020. I made this list after days of research, and they are genuinely best at what they do. The headphone I am using right now is AKG Pro Audio K812 PRO, but I am not biased here, and the quality is genuinely marvelous. 

If you have any doubts or questions regarding anything, then leave them in the comment below.

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