Headphone Buyer Guide

Lost in the world of fake reviews? Being misguided by YouTubers and all other blogs? You already made a smart move by getting here. 

We have compiled a list of all the best headphones that are used by us. We don’t believe in recommending the products that are not quality rich. 

Doesn’t matter if you are a music producer or just a casual music lover. This list applies to all. 

So, before diving into the world of headphones  let me first tell you the main differences between the consumer headphones and studio headphones. Both of them are Over-the-ear headphones

Consumer Headphones vs Studio Headphones

Consumer headphones are made for casual listeners . Their frequencies are not flat and tuned for the casual listeners to enjoy their favourite piece of music. The Highs and Lows are already raised according to the need of the users. 

You will love consumer headphone because the majority of them are Bass Boosted and are great for listening to EDM, Rap and other genres of music. 

Studio Headphones on the other hand have a flat frequency response. Their frequency is not modified at all. This is very essential while producing music because you want your mix to sound as perfect as possible(Picking the right snare is hard tho!). 

Using a professional studio headphone is very essential when you are serious about music production. You want to hear the kick, snare, hi-hats and every other element as transparent as possible.

Now, that you got a rough idea of the differences between a consumer headphone and a studio headphone. I will tell you about the main types of headphones for music production.

Types Of Headphones For Music Production

Going through the reviews and searching for the right music production headphones can be very confusing if you don’t know about the types of headphones. 

The jargons are surely going to let you think about your existence one more time (lol). Worry no more because in this guide I am going to explain to you about the main types of headphones for music production. 

Headphones are mainly categorised by how open or closed their ear cups are, which gives us three mail types of them : Closed Back Headphone, Open Back Headphone, and Semi-Open Headphone.

I am going to tell you about them here. 

  • Closed Back Headphone

Closed back headphones are the most common types of headphones found in any recording studio. 

The major reason for it being a solid choice is because of its solid ear cup design, which prevents any sound from going out. This helps a lot while recording live songs because the sound will not leak and reach the microphone. 

The design of closed back headphone makes it the best choice for sound isolation headphone. 

Doesn’t matter if you are on a bus, train or a shopping mall making beats, these headphones will surely give the kind of same experience that you have in your studio. 

On a downside, closed back headphones are a bit heavier due to its design. You may feel the need to take down your headphone while working for along period. Your ears will always get warm and you’ll need to take several breaks between your sessions.

As the sound is trapped inside those cups, the sound will be dry and will not  sound pure natural.

You will have to keep a pair of closed back headphone if you are a music producer. 

  • Open Back Headphones

These headphones have a fully open ear cups design, which helps the sound to be more natural and clear sounding then the closed back headphones. 

These headphones are often on the expensive side of headphones because of its natural and clear sounding nature. 

You will have a hard time using them in a noisy envirnonment because of  its bad noise cancellation nature. So, if you are planning to buy it and  most of your time goes working  on a noisy environment then please reconsider buying an open back  headphone. 

You can’t use these headphones while recording  a live music from a singing session because the audio gets leaked as a result of its open back cup design. The audio will reach the microphone from the headphone  for sure. There ‘s no blockage to block the audio from coming out.

The design of open back headphone makes it more prone to damage.  It is less durable than closed back headphone. If you drop one of them on the floor then the probability of its damage is more than the closed back headphone. 

So, if you are love listening to music in a quite environment  then open back headphone are for you. Go grab a cup of coffee and get lost to the world of music. 

  • Semi-Open Back Headphones

I just wish if I could tell you that semi-open back headphones lets you enjoy the experience of both the headphones but nope! It’s not. They are just closed back headphone with partly open cups. 

They have the benefits of fully open back headphones but with its reduced unwanted effects. 

Cups are not fully closed and hence it lets some amount of sound to leak through the headphone. So, you can’t say it is a completely sound isolation headphone. Yes, you can use it to record your vocals to give the singer a more nature feel. 

The demand  of semi-open back headphones are still high so you can give them a try if you want to.


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